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Lew's Custom Lite Baitcast Reel - Right Hand Retrieve

Lew's Custom Lite Baitcast Reel - Right Hand Retrieve

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Introducing the Lew's Custom Lite Baitcast Reel - Right Hand Retrieve, a pinnacle of precision engineering and performance in the world of fishing gear. Designed to meet the demands of avid anglers, this reel combines cutting-edge technology with durable construction to deliver an unparalleled fishing experience.

Key Features:

Smooth Operation: Boasting 10+1 stainless steel bearings, this reel ensures silky-smooth casts and retrieves, enhancing your overall fishing performance.

High-Speed Gear Ratio: Featuring a 7.5:1 gear ratio, the Lew's Custom Lite allows for swift and efficient reeling, enabling you to tackle even the most aggressive fish with ease.

Rapid Line Recovery: With a remarkable 28" line recovery per turn, you'll spend less time waiting and more time reeling in your prized catches.

Versatile Line Capacity: Equipped to handle both mono and bait lines, with capacities of 90 yards/12 lbs for mono and 90 yards/50 lbs for bait, ensuring versatility for various fishing techniques.

Durable Construction: Constructed with a one-piece proprietary Tanso Tech frame featuring drain ports and C45 carbon side plates, this reel offers unmatched durability and corrosion resistance.

Precise Braking System: The QuietCast externally adjustable Centrifugal brake system provides precise control and accuracy, allowing you to place your casts with pinpoint precision.

Smooth Line Management: Enjoy smooth and reliable line control with the titanium-coated zirconia line guide, minimizing tangles and maximizing casting efficiency.

Efficient Power Transmission: Anodized aluminum Speed Gears ensure efficient power transmission, enabling you to effortlessly reel in even the toughest of fish.

Comfortable Handling: Designed with a 95mm bowed carbon fiber handle, this reel offers ergonomic comfort and superior grip, reducing fatigue during extended fishing sessions.

Innovative Line Indicator: The patented Speed Dial line indicator allows you to easily monitor your line, ensuring you never miss a strike.

Easy Maintenance: Featuring an external lube port and supplied with Speed Lube, maintenance is convenient and hassle-free, prolonging the lifespan of your reel.

Packaged in a sleek box, the Lew's Custom Lite Baitcast Reel is ready to elevate your fishing game to new heights. Upgrade your fishing arsenal today and experience the difference for yourself.
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